2009. Retired as Dean of Arts at uOttawa and retreated to Orange County, California.

2004. Appointed Dean of Arts at uOttawa.

2004. Intermediate flamenco guitar tutoring (daily for one month). David (El Poeta) Hill, Jerez, Spain.

2003. Intensive course in intermediate Spanish, Carpe Diem: Escuela de Español, Seville.

2003. Mactaggart Writing Award. Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta.

2003. Classical guitar tutoring (weekly, Jan-April), Christian Goly, Freie Waldorf Schule, Innsbruck.

2003. Jan-May. Sabbatical semester in Innsbruck, Austria.

2002. May. Gastprofessor Sprachwissenschaft. Univerität Innsbruck, Austria.

2001-2002. McCalla Research Professorship, University of Alberta.

2000. Jan-April. Teaching at the University of Alberta Field School in Cortona (Tuscany), Italy.

1998-2003. Black Belt in Aikido (Shodan) awarded by the Vietnamese Sensei Tran-Hiep-Hoa 6th Dan, proponent of the Tenshinkai (heaven-heart) lineage of Aikido (harmony-energy-path). Edmonton.

1997-1998. Associate Dean of Arts (Fine Arts and Humanities). University of Alberta.

1987. Assume tenure-track position in French at the University of Alberta.

1986-1987. Assistant Professor of French, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NewJersey.

1985. Return to academic life. Sessional instructor in Comparative Literature, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

1983-1985. Classical guitar tutoring (weekly). Jon Harris, Berkeley, California.

1980-1985. Wine Merchant — Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant, Berkeley, California.

1979-1980. Assistant associé, UER Anglais, Université de Bordeaux III

1979. Intensive course in Mandarin (ten weeks), UC Berkeley.

1978. Autumn. Visiting Assistant Professor, Université de Sherbrooke, Québec.

1977. Move to Berkeley, California.

1975-1977. Vice-Président (Communications), NPD-Québec (Nouveau parti démocratique / New Democratic Party), Montréal.

1976, April-July. Translator for Summer Olympic Games, Montréal.

1976. Auditeur libre, Cours d’interprétation, Université de Montreal.

1973-1977. Residence in Montréal begins. Founding member of the Rassemblement des citoyens de Montréal / Montreal Citizens Movement.

1972-1973. Dissertation research on French-language African and Caribbean literatures. Paris.

1969-1972. Graduate work to the PhD in Comparative Literature, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

October, 1969. Declined the draft and obtained Landed Immigrant status in Canada.

1967-1969. Taught at Cuttington College, a small liberal arts school in central Liberia.

1963-1967. B.A. in Comparative Literature, Beloit College, Wisconsin.

1945-1963. Born and raised in the East End of Houston, Texas.