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Below links to a selection of academic publications.

From the Pictograph to the Metapoem, 1979 (pdf)

Van Toorn and Tibullus 1980 (pdf)

Through a Prism Darkly, 1991 (pdf). 

La Belle Altérité: Towards a Dialogical Paradigm in Translation Theory? 1992 (pdf)

Kribich, “cribiche” ou écrevisse : L’avenir de l’Éloge de la Créolité, 1992 (pdf)

CRCL Review Ahmad, 1993 (pdf)

One Man’s “Sande”: Roger Dorsinville’s “L’homme derrière l’arbre: un Haïtien au Libéria”, a Photographic Initiation  1995 (pdf)

Jihad, Ijtihad and Other Dialogical Wars, 1996 (pdf)

Prolégomènes à l’étude du doublage, 1996.

African Literatures in the Year 2050, 2000 (pdf)

Review of Christopher Wise, Yambo Ouologuem: Postcolonial Writer, Islamic Militant in Research in African Literatures, 32, 1, Spring 2001, pp. 136-138.

Cannibalizing Bossa Nova, 2002 (pdf)

Lang Cherki Fanon. 2003 (pdf)

A Primer of Haitian Literature in Kreyol, 2004 (pdf)

Tem morna, tem coladera (The Capeverdian Roots of Cesária Évora – in Portuguese), 2006 (web-based PDF)

Boas and the Chinookan Poetic Legacy, 2009 (pdf)

Jazz, 2010 (pdf) < Encyclopedia of African Thought, Vol II, Abiola Irele and Biodun Jeyifo, eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 18-21.

A_Tribute_to_Ted_Blodgett   (PDF)



From the French: Trois poèmes de René Depestre (From Caliban: A Journal of New World Thought and Writing, 1.1 ([1975], pp.22-3).

From the PersianIraj Pezeshzad’s Uncle Napoleon – Chap 11, “The English Are Coming” (1992)


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