Paratexts to Skinny-Dipping with Alligators
Gramsci’s Ashes – Notes
Handout to Hafez’s “Joseph Gone Astray”f
English-Persian Lexicon
For My Eyes Only (Photos on Tumblr)
Forks in the Road 
Not All That Beat Either
Tell Me, James
The Devil’s Workshop (retired blog)
Zwei Texte auf Deutsch
    Schlafsofa / Translation: Spare Couch
    Die Demenz
Historic Transition back to Civilian Life
The Death of a Psychoanalyst
Thoughts on Aikido
In Search of Bossa Nova
Delayed Reaction
The Twentieth Anniversary of Ellipse
Les thèses de décembre, Montréal, 1975
On the Road to Timbuktu, 1968
Guitar Notes

Nasrin’s Launching Pad

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