The Devil’s Workshop


From March, 2009 through May, 2012 I kept a blog, The Devil’s Workshop, this in homage to the new-found idleness of mind I imagined I would finally experience after my retirement as academic and Dean of Arts at the University of Ottawa.

Much of it turned out to be of trivial interest, but I have preserved some of those posts links below for nostalgic reasons. For some months the blog borrowed the moniker The Observatory, in honor of the UC-Irvine observatory, which used to sit a mere 150 yards from our home in University Hills.

31 May, 2012: Partial Eclipse One Afternoon
14 May, 2012: Sister’s Day
4 May, 2012: Academic Swan Song in Yaoundé
1 November, 2011: The Anticipatory Wake of Fiesta
18 July, 2011: The Making of Road House
26 November, 2010: Flamenco Heaven
20 August, 2010: My Black Orpheus
16 June, 2010: The Book Fairies
15 May, 2010: Bumper Cars in the Beqaa Valley
10 March, 2010: Mary Berry, born Mary Elizabeth Maclaine, 1924-2010
15 February, 2010: Das Weinviertel
19 November, 2009: The Former Dean with Himself
12 October, 2009: Paris in Early October
11 October 2009: Cuz’ins, Kinship and Cussing
26 August, 2009: Visiting the Sibs
17 August, 2009: “Edmonton is Fun, After All!”