Handout to Hafez’s “Joseph Gone Astray” / یوسف گمگشته


Bringing Joseph Home: Theory and Pragmatics
of a Translated Ghazal from Hafez-e Shirazi

George Lang / georgelang3@me.com

یوسف گمگشته بازآید به کنعان غم مخور
کلبه احزان شود روزی گلستان غم مخور

yusef-e gomgashteh bāz āyad beh kan’ān qam mikhur
kolbe-ye ahzān shavad ruzi golestān qam mikhur

Grieve not! Joseph gone
astray will find his way to Canaan.
Grieve not! From the cell where
sorrows dwell will spring a stand of flowers.

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