A Letter to Anti-Vaxxers

In 1969 I was drafted into the US Military, enough of a national emergency to send young men off to a war in Southeast Asia. I disagreed with the policies and the ethics of that war, even though they were declared a public good.

Think of the penalties the unvaccinated will be forced to pay as being like a draft. If you don’t want to suffer them, then face the consequences.

I became a felon, a fugitive to Canada, gave up my citizenship and faced innumerable instances of legal harassment over my subsequent lifetime..

If you do not accept vaccination for the public good, then at least leave the country, like I did. 

There is always a chance, here admittedly slim, of a later amnesty.


(For the record, I was amnestied by  President Carter in 1977, my citizenship, which was illegally taken from me in the 70s, was formally restored in 2009.)