Critical Race Theory Is a Hammer Looking for Nails.

In a racist society a racialized response to racism is to he expected. It will not, alas, bring an end to racism, rather reinforce it.

Critical race theory is an ideology in most senses of the word. But to attempt to personally exonerate (“white”) racism by allowing that it is not attitudinal rather systemic is vain. How can anything be systemic without involving attitudes?

Critical race theory is a hammer looking for nails. There are plenty of nails around, so no need to go turning every little nub into one.

Awareness of racism is but one tool among others, because, to adopt another piece of jargon, race is one among many intersections of the wider problem of class, caste and gender inequality.


Malheureusement, les idées de Foucault & Derrida (disons de #biopolitique & #deconstruction) se sont échappées en anglais pour devenir virulentes. Comme si le milieux français, où les abstractions prolifèrent, conférait une immunité contre la prise d’idées trop au sérieux [Tweeted on geogeoplots]