ChatGPT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

ChatGPT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

What Is ChatGPT and How Does It Work?

If ChatGPT succeeds in doing the work for you without your intervention, the model will likely replace you on the job soon. Or if ChatGPT makes a massive error, you’ll be at risk of losing your job for failing to manage its risks.

Molecules and large language models:  ask gpt

The GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer

Max Dorsinville

Dad was conceived during the summer of 1929 just after the peak of  the Spanish, which ought to be called the Kansas flu. He was eight when the depression began, twenty when WW2 broke, and newly married to our mother. The marriage was formalized in Lake Charles, Louisiana, since Mom was too young  to marry, even  in Texas. She was sixteen at the time.

Aphorisms, Senryu and the Like

Epigraphs … 


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