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Mighty interesting, this info.

Underlying question: is cancer a metabolic or genetic disease? 

But like most binaries, too simple. Viral or immunological?

Is Cancer a Genetic Disease or a Metabolic Disease?

Is Cancer a Genetic Disease or a Metabolic Disease?

Cancer is a systemic disease involving multiple time- and space-dependent changes in the health status of cells and tissues that ultimately lead to malignant tumors [2]. Neoplasia involving dysregulated cell growth is the biological endpoint of the disease [3, 4]. Tumor cell invasion into surrounding tissues and their spread (metastasis) to distant organs is the primary cause of morbidity and mortality…

Press pulse extinction modes and models


In contrast to the extensive genetic heterogeneity seen in tumors, most if not all neoplastic cells within tumors share the common metabolic malady of aerobic fermentation that arises ultimately from dysregulated oxidative phosphorylation [2, 17, 2933]. In light of these findings, cancer can also be recognized as a metabolic disease. the lead article

In 1927 Otto Warburg noticed that cancer cells exhibited a distinct metabolic phenotype, consuming up to 200× more glucose than normal cells (the “Warburg effect”). Indeed, based on Warburg’s influence, most cancer drugs discovered in the 1950s and 1960s were called “antimetabolites”. However, with Warburg’s death in 1970 and the discovery of oncogenes in 1971, most cancer researchers shifted their thinking to view cancer as a genetic disease rather than a metabolic disease. 

Andrei: ever notice movie soundtracks?   

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