My Concerns

Let me add to my concerns: apart from the persistent cough I apparently suffer from several early symptoms of parkinsonism: dysphonia; micrographia;, festination with staggering steps; maybe pill-rolling; a left arm tremor (which has been diagnozed as essential tremor and which responds well to propranolol)

However I also have a tendency  towards hypochondria….
Tremor (essential)


Staggering steps / festination




Hypochondria or Parkersonism?

Parkinson’s disease is the most common form of parkinsonism and is also called idiopathic parkinsonism, meaning that it has no identifiable cause.[22][32] The accumulation of a misfolded protein alpha-synuclein in the brain, and its spread throughout the brain makes Parkinson’s disease a neurodegenerative disease classed as a synucleinopathy, and more specifically as an alpha-synucleinopathy (αsynucleinopathy).[33]

Other recognized motor signs and symptoms include gait and posture disturbances such as festination (rapid shuffling steps and a forward-flexed posture when walking with no flexed arm swing). Other common signs include freezing of gait (brief arrests when the feet seem to get stuck to the floor, especially on turning or changing direction), a slurred, monotonous, quiet voice, mask-like facial expression, and handwriting that gets smaller and smaller.[48]

Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is a type of dementia characterized by changes in sleep, behavior, cognition, movement, and regulation of automatic bodily functions.

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