Nowruz Night Thoughts

Senryu –

Senryu Girl :

I had  a goatee
before but a ‘stache stands out

What I love about my families, chosen as well as traditional, is that we are all so distinct one from another

Granmoun blan isit la.  Ozetazini ak Kanada, pa janm mande yo nalang  angle oswa franse.  Pafwa an Frans, paske mwen gen yon aksan ibrid.  Mwen toujou mande, si kirye, depi mwen se yon xenofil.

Old white man here. In the US and Canada, never get asked in English or French. Sometimes in France, because I have a hybrid accent. I always ask, if curious, since I’m a xenophile.

Alteritas : Collectio poetica in linguas anglicas alienas

At the Door of the Dojo. Writing inspired by Aikido

At the door of the dojo a fellow aikidoka, who bears the name lf an ancient Persian king, offered me New Year’s greetings. I replied:
‎- نوروز مبارک, adding, غم انگیز است, it’s sad.
– “Why?” he asked: .چرا؟
‎-  به خاطر همه مرده های جوان, because of all the dead young.
– “It will take time, he said. Not as long, I hope, as aikido takes.  

Anna giving and taking like aikido
With sensei marriage and aikido
The Rhetoric of Aikido

Elliptics: Translations from the Québécois
Love is a figure of speech

For me to forgive you, you have to have forgiven me, and vice-versa


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