Q & A on Kouri-Vini

Kouri-vini, or KV in linguist shorthand, is the name that certain proponents of Louisiana Creole, LC, have adopted for that language. It is different from Louisiana or Cajun French, which is a variety of French, LF.

It is hard to explain without getting technical, but the grammar of the two languages are different.  “I do it” is “je le fais” in LF, but “mo fe li” in KV. In other words, LF is SOV (subject-object-verb) while KV is SVO (gvsubject-verb-object).

To which must be added: “Creole” as a people or group refers to the “mixed-race” descendents of the inhabitants before the 1803 purchase of the French  colony by the US.

Creoles included “free persons of color”, slaves (or enslaved persons, as the contemporary jargon has it), and Cajuns or descendents of the refugees from French Canada after the English victory in 1759. They were usually Catholic and French-speaking, as opposed to the new majority Anglo-Protestants both black and white, and Indians, a few of whom still speak French, apparently.

That, st least, is my take on it ….

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