Bloomsday Potluck BBQ 1998

blooms day


In honour of Bloom, the house will supply
grillade of kidney & offal.
Timid of tongue & vegans so shy
best bear ersatz treats not so awful.

R.S.V.P.  &  B.Y.O.B.
plus palatable portable fare. 
Significant O’s have carte b.
Beware beasties that swarm in the air!

Memories often are made of food. I ran across this relic from one of the festive meals we used to share in Edmonton with friends and colleagues from the University of Alberta. This one in particular sticks in my memory, since the arch-literary date in question, June 16, that of the classically unified action of Joyce’s Ulysses, comes around every year. 

Historically interesting to note that vegans were already not unknown in that time and place, and had to be accommodated. Also, it was understood that a pair of Significant Others would not necessarily resemble Ozzie and Harriet — and let the Lord so be praised!